Sleep Apnea & Daytime Tiredness

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Don’t Suffer From Daytime Tiredness!

Sleep apnea is a common sleep disorder that can have a significant impact on an individual’s day-to-day life. People with sleep apnea may experience interrupted breathing, leading to multiple awakenings during the night, which can result in daytime tiredness and fatigue. This can make it difficult to focus at work or engage in regular daily activities. If you experience daytime tiredness, you may experience symptoms similar to depression, such as mood swings and a decline in motivation. Seeking treatment for sleep apnea can help reduce daytime tiredness and improve overall functioning.

If you experience this regularly, you may be suffering from sleep apnea and could qualify for oral appliance therapy! Oral appliance therapy is a non-invasive treatment option for sleep apnea. The therapy involves the use of a custom-made oral appliance, similar to a sports mouthguard, that is worn during sleep. The appliance works by gently repositioning the jaw and tongue, keeping the airway open and preventing the collapse of the soft tissues that cause obstructive sleep apnea.

Common Symptoms Of Sleep Apnea

  • Chronic Snoring
  • Gasping, Choking or Snorting During Sleep
  • Excessive Day Time Tiredness
  • Higher Blood Pressure
  • Morning Headaches
  • Irritability and Limited Attention Span
  • Waking Up With Dry Mouth or Sore Throat

ProSomnus® Sleep Device

Oral Appliance Therapy

A Dental Approach To Sleep Solutions & The #1 Alternative To CPAP Treatment.

Oral Appliance Therapy can help prevent sleep apnea symptoms such as disruptive breathing, allowing you to sleep better throughout the night!

Benefits Of Treatment

Restful Sleep

A full night’s rest can leave you feeling refreshed and rejuvenated.

Daytime Alertness

Experience Increase concentration, memory, focus, and energy.

Improved Health

Avoid the health risks caused by untreated sleep apnea. Live a better, happier, restful life.

Sweet Dreams Tampa! Sleep Apnea Institute

A Good Night’s Rest Shouldn’t Be A Dream.

A Good Night’s Sleep Shouldn’t Be A Dream.