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Do you snore so loudly you wake up your partner? Do you have frequent morning headaches or feel exhausted during the daytime? If so, it may be time to talk to a sleep apnea expert!

At Sweet Dream’s Tampa, their mission is to improve your sleep and overall health. Dr. Marnie Bauer and her team provide a dental approach to sleep solutions. They are experts in caring for sleep apnea and snoring with custom-made oral sleep appliances. At Sweet Dreams, they are dedicated to finding the right oral sleep appliance to help you achieve a good night’s rest!


Your Sleep Apnea Expert

Dr. Marnie Bauer

Dr. Marnie Bauer

With over 22 years of experience in Dentistry , Dr. Bauer has helped thousands of patients achieve optimal oral and systemic health. She has a special interest in sleep apnea and has made it her mission to provide comfortable solutions for patients struggling with this disorder. Using custom-fitted oral therapy dental appliances, she has helped many patients manage their primary snoring and obstructive sleep apnea.

Dr. Bauer is an active member of both the American Dental Association and the Hillsborough County Dental Association.

Don’t let sleep apnea interfere with your quality of life – Schedule a consultation with Dr. Bauer today.

Your Sleep Liason

Dr. Marnie Bauer

Shari Jackson

After hanging up her loupes, Shari decided to dedicate her expertise to helping patients manage sleep apnea with oral appliance therapy.

As your personal sleep liaison, Shari is your direct contact for all things related to oral appliance therapy. Whether you have questions about your device or need guidance on your sleep journey, she can provide the answers and support you need.

Don’t let sleep apnea interfere with your quality of life – Ask Shari About Oral Appliance Therapy.

A Good Night’s Sleep

Shouldn’t Be A Dream!

A Good Night’s Sleep Shouldn’t Be A Dream!